Mohamed Moutadayne

Mohamed Moutadayne, CTO and Senior Vice President of Product and Services, co-founded LyricFind with Darryl Ballantyne and Chris Book. He and Darryl oversee the company’s day-to-day operations.

Mohamed’s main priorities are LyricFind’s product development and client services. On the technical side, he designed the majority of LyricFind’s infrastructure, including the web services, administrative processes and publisher management solutions. He and his team of developers work closely with the company’s clients to ensure they can easily integrate LyricFind’s services.

Mohamed also oversees LyricFind’s music publishing relationships, administering all the details of the agreements, from lyric content delivery and data matching to royalty reporting and payments. Mohamed applies his technical skill to the needs of LF’s clients to develop solutions for the needs of their businesses.

Mohamed continues to design improvements to the technology that drives the LyricFind service, and he also works closely with Darryl on determining business strategy and brainstorming new product opportunities.

In addition to his experiences with LyricFind, Mohamed has designed and implemented web solutions for several e-business companies, including Mazdaq eSolutions, Waterloo Maple, Arya Consulting, and ONCE Corporation. Mohamed graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics (Combinatorics & Optimization) and Computer Science.