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If you've heard a killer song on the radio but can only remember some of the lyrics, not the artist or title, you’re not alone. For millions of music fans searching for songs, lyrics remain one of their primary music discovery methods.

Now the streaming music industry is taking note of this by incorporating lyric search into their products. You may have seen some of Amazon's recent ads showcasing Lyric Search in Amazon Music  [pictured below]. Amazon's new Echo Show Product was announced last week, which will display the lyrics on the device.

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This month, Deezer have also launched Lyric Search which lets you search for songs by its lyrics using this website : http://www.deezbylyrics.fr  


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Both Deezer and Amazon are LyricFind's clients along with Apple, Pandora, Google, Microsoft, Shazam and many others. In the last few years, our clients have taken the extra step in allowing music fans to experience the music in a deeper way by displaying the lyrics. Many of our partners are now adding a search by lyric feature to meet this huge demand from fans who are discovering music in this way.

How huge is this demand? Pretty huge. LyricFind powers over 10 billion lyric impressions annually, making it larger than other discovery methods like audio recognition. Our clients Google and Microsoft Bing also utilize our comprehensive, fully licensed and verified lyrics data and reporting for their leading web search businesses.

Showing lyrics within streaming services is now becoming the de facto standard. LyricFind's clients Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, and Pandora provide this feature which has become expected by music fans when paying for a premium streaming service. In turn, Lyric Search looks set to be the next must-have feature for fans to be able to find the music they love.




Deezer Lyric Search

Amazon Echo Show

"Hello" - Lionel Richie


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