LyricFind offers lyrics search, display and synchronization services for all types of platforms, uses, and budgets.

LyricFind offers lyrics search, display and synchronization services for all types of platforms, uses, and budgets. LyricFind's licenses with over 6,000 music publishers allow for a variety of licensing and integration models that can fit your needs. LyricFind models include:

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Lyric Display

Full display of lyrics taps into one of the most powerful benefits of lyrics: Search Engine Optimization. With “lyrics” being a top search term throughout the world, including lyrics content with your service not only drives engagement and enjoyment with your existing users, but will attract many more through SEO.

LyricFind’s Lyric Display service powers lyrics on hundreds of websites and services, including sites such as Google, iHeartRadio, Pandora, SongMeanings, and many more.

LyricFind can deliver lyrics in real time via XML, JSON or periodic data feeds, allowing maximum flexibility for your implementation.

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Lyric Synchronization

LyricFind’s Lyric Synchronization allows you to display lyrics line-by-line, in time with music. Synchronizing lyrics with music creates a more immersive and attractive lyrics experience that enhances user experience as well as music discovery. Displaying only the current line allows for better integration and allows the user to enjoy the lyrics comfortably.  You can see LyricFind’s lyric synchronization in action in services like Deezer, SoundHound, and Plex.

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Lyric Search

Ever had a song running through your head, but you don’t know who sings it or what it’s called? LyricFind’s Lyric Search helps answer the age-old question of “What IS the name of that song?”.

By searching the actual lyrics, not only can you “Name That Tune,” but you can create playlists based on lyrics and subjects of songs. Imagine making a playlist of songs about San Francisco by simply searching the lyrics for “San Francisco”, “Frisco”, or other relative keywords. If your users can’t search based on the lyrics, they’re missing a key way to interact with your content and service!

Pricing for LyricFind’s Lyric Search services is available on a per-display, per user, per month, or revenue share model. We can also customize a solution to fit your unique business needs. LyricFind can deliver lyric search results via XML, JSON API or data feed, allowing maximum flexibility for your implementation.

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