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Lyric Display
Lyric Display

Display of full lyrics on all digital platforms, featuring millions of lyrics from all popular artists. Lyrics can be shown with related artist information, images, videos, album information, and more, making a complete music offering.

Lyric Sync
Lyric Sync

LyricFind’s Lyric Synchronization allows you to display lyrics line-by-line, in time with music. Synchronizing lyrics with music creates a more immersive and attractive lyrics experience.

Lyric Search
Lyric Search

Ever had a song running through your head, but you don’t know who sings it or what it’s called? LyricFind’s Lyric Search helps answer the age-old question of “What IS the name of that song?”.

What sets LyricFind apart?

Content Quality

LyricFind has a quality-controlled database of vetted and verified lyrics.


Rights Management

LyricFind tracks, reports, and pays royalties to publishers on a song-by-song and territory-by-territory basis.


Global Licensing

LyricFind has licensing from over 5,000 publishers, including all majors.

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